Age of Enlightenment: The Promise of Circadian Lighting

The Kulala lamp is just the beginning. We want to revolutionize your home with customized light that will simply make your life better. Here an article explaining what the light hype is all about.


"Just this past October, a trio of scientists won a Nobel Prize for discerning the molecular mechanisms controlling our circadian clock — including light’s central role. Their work confirms decades of previous research suggesting that, when optimally synchronized to natural light, our internal timekeepers direct our bodies to feel hungry, sleepy, alert, or energized at appropriate times. Too little light from the blue end of the visible spectrum during the day, or too much of that same light at night, research suggests, can cause an internal clock to slip off beat, setting off a cascade of potential consequences. These include not just poor sleep, reduced concentration, and contrarian moods, but over the long-term, increased risk of depression, diabetes, and cancer."