Get a head start on a full night's sleep.

New parents, you know that newborns wake to feed every 2-3 hours. At this early age, there's no way around these wake-ups. However, you can start to prepare your baby's system to tell the difference between day and night mode. By starting this early you'll help your baby learn the difference between these two different modes and establish healthy sleep habits early on.⁠

There's a reason the phrase "like night and day" is used to describe massive contrasts. ⁠The blue fraction in the morning light tells your body to wake up. That blue light is what makes your body begin to produce cortisol and serotonin in the mornings (first image). A lack of blue light is what allows our bodies to produce melatonin at night time (second image). ⁠

To help your baby establish the difference between night and day mode you can manage their exposure to light throughout the day. You can begin to do this from newborn stage, even while they wake throughout the night because it will help their sleep cycle when as they grow.⁠ Start now, thank yourself later!