How and when to move your toddler to a big kid's bed

This blog's for you if your little baby isn't really a little baby anymore and that's never more obvious than when you put them into their crib and it no longer looks like a cozy little spot.

Cribs are a safe and comfy place for a baby to sleep. As long as they’re safe and comfortable in a crib keep using it. They're probably not ready to move yet if the following applies to them:

  • They're younger than three
  • They have existing sleep issues
  • They happily fall asleep in their crib and don't look uncomfortable

At around three years old most kids can get out of their crib, this is when it becomes dangerous and it’s recommended you move them into a big kid's bed.

Here are some steps to prepare for the move:

  • Shop for a bed - Choose one with a safety rail that you can eventually remove, roll up towels for under their fitted sheet to keep them in the bed while they get used to it.
  • Create a positive association - So your child feels good about the bed, begin to build excitement about it ahead of the move.
  • Child-proofing - Now they'll be able to get out of bed easily, double check all your household child-proofing.
  • Start bedtime a bit earlier - Now that there's a change to the routine and new excitement start bedtime routines a few minutes early to allow space for this change. Keep the rest of their schedule the same so they’re ready when they get into bed.

You can also prepare them by explaining what’s going to happen a few days in advance and tell them everything else is staying the same and they have to stay in bed until you say it’s time to get up.

If they have trouble sleeping when they get into the new bed it’s probably not the bed but rather their schedule that needs to be reexamined.

Congrats on this new milestone!