How Can I Get Enough Sleep with a Newborn?

mother with newborn 

Congratulations on your new baby!

You now have a new human you are 100% responsible for. This new human does not sleep the way you're used to. So how are you supposed to get used to this new normal—on minimal sleep?

The age-old advice for parents of newborns is to “sleep when the baby sleeps." But that's easier said than done. So here are our tips on how to get enough shut-eye—for now—in those very early days.

1. Prioritize sleep

Not cooking, not cleaning, not laundry—SLEEP. Accept help from family and friends. Let your house get messy. Embrace takeout. Let it all go. This season is temporary, and your priority is caring for your baby and yourself—not your house.

2. Go to sleep at the same time as your baby

When you put your baby down at night, go to sleep yourself immediately afterwards. The beginning of their night sleep is most likely to be their longest solid stretch, and you should make use of it. 

3. Pump

If you're breastfeeding, it helps to learn to pump early on so your partner can handle at least one nighttime wakeup, giving you a longer uninterrupted stretch. And if you're formula feeding, alternate with your partner so you both get longer stretches.

3. Remember: it's temporary

On your most exhausted days, remember that the newborn stage ends. Your child WILL sleep through the night at some point—and so will you. So enjoy those newborn snuggles while they last—you've earned them.