How can I get enough sleep with a newborn

Many parents have a version of this story...we had the baby, went home and then thought, now what do we do? Somehow even though it's so natural it does seem crazy that we end up 100% responsible for a little human. And then the sleepless nights set in, so how do you get enough sleep with a newborn?

The age-old advice for parents of newborns is to “sleep when the baby sleeps”. Getting enough sleep can be hard because in the early stages the time your baby is asleep is the only time you’re not 100% needed by them and that’s when you can get other things done, however it’s important to prioritize sleep. 

  • Go to sleep at the same time as your baby when you put them down at the beginning of their night sleep as this is most likely to be their longest solid stretch and you should make use of it. 
  • It also helps to express milk if you’re nursing and let your partner feed baby for their first wake up to allow you to keep sleeping, or, if you’re bottle feeding to use your partner for at least some of the nighttime feeds
  • Accept the help of friends and family asking them to come over during your baby’s nap to do something helpful like the washing or preparing dinner so you can grab a few minutes rest.

Finally, remember that the newborn stage ends and the next one will begin and the next one too until your baby is calmly sleeping through the night and you will start to as well