How to make baby's schedule work for you

Here's something that might surprise parents - you can establish a routine for your baby that is based on YOUR preferred schedule. ⁠

Often it can seem like you have to bend to your baby's every whim and change your whole life to fit in with theirs. In my book "How Babies Sleep" I explain how you can establish a routine that suits your lifestyle. ⁠

Here's a few ways to change schedules to fit with your life.


- Does one parent come home after baby's bedtime? Move baby's bedtime back a little (gradually over time) so that when that parent arrives home it's time for baby's bedtime routine. That way the parent who arrives late gets a little quality time during bathing, changing and reading before bed. Remember, any change in bedtime will also affect morning wake time.

- Is there a regular class that you want to attend but it's during baby's nap? Again you can gradually change baby's nap routine so that she's either awake or asleep, during the class, depending on what you need.

- Want baby to sleep without waking to feed for longer at night? Look at the length of time they're napping during the day. ⁠If baby is napping too long at during the day it will limit their nighttime sleep periods. I have a blog on how long your baby should be sleeping here.

It takes work and consistent dedication to the set routine but there are ways to create a schedule that works for you too. ⁠