How To Get Your Kids Ready for Daylight Savings Time


Daylight Savings Time is coming!

The good news: More daylight in the evenings!

The bad news: If you don't prepare correctly, the time shift can wreak havoc on your kids' schedules.

But fortunately, the sleep science experts have got you covered.

Moving our clocks one hour forward effectively causes a one-hour "jetlag" in our bodies. And doing it in the easterly direction (meaning we lose an hour of sleep) is harder on our bodies.

Nobody likes to get up an hour earlier, least of all kids! It can make them extra cranky.

The good news is there is an easy solution.

Here's how to handle the time change 

  1. Starting 4 days before the time change—Thursday—get up 20 minutes earlier. That night, put your baby or child down 20 minutes earlier, and go to bed 20 minutes earlier yourself.
  2. Repeat on Friday: get up an additional 20 minutes earlier and go to bed an additional 20 minutes earlier.
  3. Repeat again on Saturday: get up another 20 minutes earlier and go to bed another 20 minutes earlier. Congratulations, now you're on summer time! You should have no discomfort, sleepless nights, or fatigue in the morning.
  4. On Sunday (March 14th), the clocks have changed. You're already there! Enjoy feeling in sync with the outside world, and having taken your family with you.