Thanksgiving gratitude for parents and kids

Thanksgiving is this week and while my husband and I grew up outside of the US I'm all for showing gratitude on any occasion. Of course, this year a lot of people have experienced challenges they never expected, for some those challenges might make it hard to feel particularly thankful which is understandable. Acts of gratitude however have been proven time and time again to have a positive effect on our overall wellbeing. You can read about such studies here.

Gratitude practices aren't just for adults either. Just like everything else we teach our children, a positive and appreciative outlook can set them up for more positivity, better relationships and stronger sense of overall wellbeing for life. 

This Thanksgiving here are some mindful practices that both you and your kids can start to integrate into your life.

  • Take a walk and notice the beauty of nature. Literally point out with your kids interesting leaves, how birds move, the way trees sway in the wind. 
  • Spend a full day noticing and voicing your gratitude when you kids do certain things (making their bed, sharing a toy, finishing their food).
  • Sit with your kids and ask them to choose something they're grateful for to draw (their dog, their siblings, the favorite food), you could also get involved.
  • Remind your kids that not everyone lives the way you do by taking them shopping for presents for kids who don't have everything they do. Ask them to choose something they would love and then donate it to those in need.
  • When you are in the car or having quiet downtime have each family member say three things they're grateful for, do this daily. 

Happy Thanksgiving - I am very grateful for each of you.