What to do if your baby is sleeping too much

Most parents would give their baby a silent round of applause for an extra-long sleep and sneak back to bed themselves. It’s what every parent wants but when it becomes a habit you’ll start to worry that something is wrong. Instinctually your mom or dad brain will be making a checklist of all the possible reasons.The first stop if you are concerned should be to speak to your pediatrician. Here’s a list of potential causes and resolutions to help your super sleepy baby:

Baby is a newborn

Newborns sleep often and erratically. So long as you’re following a pretty consistent sleep, eat, repeat schedule your newborn should be getting all the sleep they need. At newborn stage, you can’t enforce any schedule on your baby but soon you’ll be able to see a pattern occurring. 

Baby might be sick

If your baby is sick they will want to sleep more than normal as they fight off the sickness, check their temperature, and look for other signs of sickness. Take them to your pediatrician to see if they need medication. 

Baby might be adjusting to something new

Often changes in children’s routines like a new caregiver, starting nursery or elementary school result in a higher sleep need because there are so many new things happening in your child’s life. This sleep increase can last for weeks and even a few months, until they are adjusted. 

Baby isn’t sleeping enough for their age

If your child is well, nothing changed about their routine yet they seem to want to sleep more than usual, they may not be getting enough sleep for their age. Download the Kulala app for iPhone or Android and follow the prompts to fill in your baby’s details. Refer to their personalized Kulala app schedule for sleep averages for their age group, and if your child sleeps through the night yet wants to have longer naps, try increasing the total daily nap time by 30 minutes to 1 hour, until they don’t seem sleepy anymore. For children who don’t take naps anymore, move bedtime earlier in 15-minute intervals until your child is more rested in the morning and during the day.

If you’ve followed all these prompts and haven’t found a resolution you can Chat with an Expert by using Kulala+ the premium version of the Kulala app. Refer to your app for details.