The science

How does the Kulala Sleep Lamp help me and my family sleep?

What is Dr. Sofia Axelod’s Baby Sleep Method?

How does DreamRed™ work?

How much sleep should my baby get?


The lamp

How do I use my lamp?

At what age is the Kulala Lamp effective?

Can I read with this lamp?

Does the Kulala App work with the Kulala Lamp?

Where is the lamp made?



How much is shipping?

How long does it take for the lamp to arrive?

Do you ship outside the USA?


My order

How can I track my order?

Can I change or cancel my order?


Warranty & return

What is the ‘Happiness Guarantee’?

How do I return the lamp?

Can I exchange my lamp?

What is the warranty on the lamp?


Care & safety

Is Kulala lamp safe for my baby?

What are the technical specifications?

Will my lamp work outside the USA?

How do I clean my lamp?

Safe use of the lamp

What if my lamp isn’t working correctly?