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Kulala baby sleep lamp

  • Silent-touch control with 3-level brightness

    The Kulala Baby Sleep Lamp increases brightness and turns off with a simple touch. No remotes, buttons, or apps required. Tap 2 fingers on the side of the lamp to cycle through 3 levels of brightness.

  • Scientifically proven DreamRed™ light

    Unlike most room and nightlights, the Kulala DreamRed™ light only emits wavelengths scientifically proven not to suppress melatonin.

  • Hand crafted natural maple wood with baby-safe varnish

    Each lamp is individually handcrafted to offer unique variations in color and grain. This lamp design may look modern, but the smooth form was inspired by the ancient art of violin crafting

How to use

The Kulala Baby Sleep Lamp comes pre-assembled. Just unpack, plug in, and touch either side panel to turn on.

Tip #1: Prepare the room

Tip #2: Choose a consistent bedtime

Tip #3: Limit light exposure from other sources

Tip #4: Use the whole sleep system


If your lamp isn’t turning on or flickering, please check that the lamp is properly plugged into the wall outlet and the power is switched on.

If the lamp is properly plugged in but does not light or lights only dimly, discontinue use immediately, and contact support@kulalaland.com so we can replace this under warranty.

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