Our guarantee

7 days is all you need to feel the effects of our light and method. But if you're not happy, return the lamp to us within 30 days, no questions asked. Happy sleeping.

Restoring natural sleep

By naturally boosting melatonin the hormone of darkness- our lamps allow baby’s and your body to naturally feel sleepy, just like before nighttime light pollution by screens and regular lamps.

New podcast

Our founder Dr. Axelrod talks to Ramon Vela on the Story of a Brand Podcast about how secrets of sleep science can help baby and the whole family sleep better.

Most lights keep baby awake

Red light naturally increases the sleep hormone melatonin

The Kulala Baby Sleep lamp only emits our DreamRed™ light. This keeps natural melatonin high for you and your baby, helping everyone sleep better.

Inspired by Nobel prize-winning research, the Kulala Baby Sleep Lamp will help everyone get a good night’s sleep. Finally.

Sleep doesn't have to be so hard

A lamp to help your baby sleep

  • Create the right sleep


  • Enhance circadian rhythms


  • Sleep through the night


Dr. Sofia Axelrod, Ph.D., is a researcher in a Nobel Prize prize-winning chronobiology laboratory. When she became a mother, she utilized her expert knowledge to ensure her baby would sleep through the night as quickly as possible. The results are her book, the Kulala App, and Kulala Baby Sleep Lamp, helping families worldwide get the sleep they need.

Designed by a sleep scientist – and mom

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The only night light with >650nm light, proven to keep melatonin high


75% of babies sleep longer at night with Kulala

Data based on sleep patterns of over 200 Kulala app users and more than 20 Kulala Lamp users