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A baby sleep app built around actual sleep science to help you manage your baby's sleep and solve any sleep issues you're facing.

Kulala app reviews

"Easy to set up and understand. Looking forward to adapting to this sleep schedule and seeing results." Google Play Store reviewer

"Like having an expensive sleep consultant on demand" App Store reviewer

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How Babies Sleep reviews

“…a clearly explained and reassuring guide from an expert in the field.”, Publisher’s Weekly

“Verdict: This is a valuable resource that uses research to help parents and babies get the shut-eye they desperately need.”, Library Journal

"...a pleasure to read..." Jeanne Garbarino, Ph.D. Rockefeller University

A Better Lamp

We know crying babies and sleepless nights. That's why we invented the Kulala Baby Sleep Lamp. It's a better lamp, because it helps baby - and parents - sleep.

Why Kulala

These spectrometer images show that commercially available red light bulbs (left) still contain a lot of blue light disturbing baby's sleep. Only Kulala lamps (right) emit exclusively special red light helping your baby sleep.

Our Mission

We make baby sleep products based on cutting-edge sleep research.

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Helping the whole family

Happy babies = happy parents. Every night.

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