Tired of being tired? We got you.

Designed by parents and using the superpower of science, our lamp, app, and book will help everyone get a good night’s sleep. Finally.

The Kulala Baby Sleep lamp only emits our DreamRed™ light. This keeps natural melatonin high for you and your baby, helping everyone sleep better.

Inspired by Nobel prize-winning research, the Kulala Baby Sleep Lamp will help everyone get a good night’s sleep. Finally.

Sleep doesn't have to be so hard

A lamp to help your baby sleep

  • Create the right sleep


  • Enhance circadian rhythms


  • Sleep through the night


Dr. Sofia Axelrod, PhD is a world leader in sleep science and internationally acclaimed author of How Babies Sleep. She is also a researcher in the 2017 Nobel Prize prize-winning lab at the Rockefeller University in New York.

Designed by a sleep scientist

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Those exhausted by the vagaries of baby sleep will appreciate having a clearly explained and reassuring guide from an expert in the field.”

Publisher’s Weekly

The definitive sleep science book

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