Hatch Gals Zoom - Newborn Sleep 101


Newborn Sleep 101 with Sofia Axelrod from HATCH Collection on Vimeo.

I shared my method and answered questions from the Hatch Gals Facebook Group.

The 3 steps to baby sleep bliss–the short version. For more information and detailed how-to's, check out my book, How Babies Sleep.

  1. Red light and blackout shades
  1. Schedules and naps
  • Babies' total daily sleep needs goes down rapidly as they age
  • Daytime sleep especially goes down
  • Naps affect nighttime sleep, so don't make napping too cozy. 
  • Perfect swing to get
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  1. Sleeping through the night
  • Signs of sleep training readiness: over 11lbs, has ever slept 5+ hours, doesn't seem hungry when eating in the middle of the night
  • Waiting 90 seconds before placating baby teaches baby rapidly to self-soothe - and not need you!

My free Kulala app has a soothing timer that helps you wait those 1.5 minutes - it's not easy to hear your baby cry!