Library Journal


Library Journal, May 2020

Sleep researcher and coach Axelrod’s first book is a scientific tome on the oft-tackled topic of helping your baby sleep through the night. As a parent, Axelrod experienced the effects of sleep deprivation firsthand, which further motivated her research. Time of day of light exposure, light intensity, and light wavelength and color are aspects that can be controlled throughout the day by the average parent to regulate sleep rhythms, according to Axelrod. Using the right type of night light, using blackout shades, and creating a strong contrast between day and nighttime routines are a few ideas explored in this book on gentle sleep training based on science. The author also considers challenging issues such as regulating sleep when you must travel across time zones, what to do about weekends and vacations, dealing with sickness and the changes that brings in the sleep cycle, and how to manage changes in daytime napping.
VERDICT This is a valuable resource that uses research to help parents and babies get the shut-eye they desperately need.
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